Staff - Sede di Trento

Reception and Extracts

Giovanna Baldessari
Email: giovanna.baldessari@notaitn.it

Manuela Batistelli
Email: manuela.batistelli@notaitn.it


Michela Boni
Email: michela.boni@notaitn.it

Licia Calliari
Email: licia.calliari@notaitn.it

Melissa Muricca
Email: melissa.muricca@notaitn.it

Acts Estate

Lia Marchand
Email: lia.marchand@notaitn.it

Diego Marchel
Email: diego.marchel@notaitn.it

Loreta Scola
Email: loreta.scola@notaitn.it

Sabrina Pichler
Email: sabrina.pichler@notaitn.it

Miriam Pedot
Email: miriam.pedot@notaitn.it

Marco Leonardi
Email: marco.leonardi@notaitn.it

Ronny Bazzanella
Email: ronny.bazzanella@notaitn.it

Giuliana Mazzonelli - Mutui
Email: giuliana.mazzonelli@notaitn.it

Enrico Tonolli
Email: enrico.tonolli@notaitn.it

Maddalena Bertoluzza
Email: maddalena.bertoluzza@notaitn.it

Laura Chini
Email: laura.chini@notaitn.it

Corporate Acts

Loreta Scola
Email: loreta.scola@notaitn.it

Marta Bettega
Email: marta.bettega@notaitn.it

Lucia Stefani
Email: lucia.stefani@notaitn.it

Ronny Bazzanella
Email: ronny.bazzanella@notaitn.it


Milena Zanolli
Email: milena.zanolli@notaitn.it

Giuliana Mazzonelli
Email: giuliana.mazzonelli@notaitn.it

Tavolare - Volture

Roberta Ceolan
Email: roberta.ceolan@notaitn.it

Sandra Bonvecchio 
Email: sandra.bonvecchio@notaitn.it

Corporate Acts

Sabrina Pichler
Email: sabrina.pichler@notaitn.it

Grazia Gadotti
Email: grazia.gadotti@notaitn.it

Various Compliance

Rossella Liguori
Email: rossella.liguori@notaitn.it

Milena Zanolli
Email: milena.zanolli@notaitn.it

Flora Greco
Email: flora.greco@notaitn.it

Deborah Ferrari
Email: deborah.ferrari@notaitn.it

Office hours of Trento:

From Monday to Thursday: from 08.30 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. \ from 01.30 p.m. to 06.00 p.m.
Friday: from 08.30 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.